creating interactive chat-based experiences 

We're the team behind Tatsu, a Software as a Service platform built to help online communities manage, reward & incentivize ​community stakeholders through the use of automation & gamification!

Tatsu drives user engagement by providing interactive chat-based experiences. We help online communities manage & reward their members by providing a comprehensive, gamified & fully automated ecosystem of tools, utilities, chat-based interactions & games; all of which can be used to grow & maintain your community.


You can currently find Tatsu on Discord, an online chat platform home to more than 10 million communities.

tatsu works

david lim . project manager

colin adler . devops

benson chua . lead dev

abal abahaha . devops

marcus teh . backend dev

cintia gandulfo . pixel artist

ngoc cuong . backend dev

dwiki arlan . backend dev

hassie swift . vdev

rose katalanou . pixel artist

kafin salim . frontend dev